Our Community


Kiowa is located one mile from the Kansas/Oklahoma State Line, midway in the state from East to West.  Kiowa is a small town of about 1,000 population and is a farming community.  The main farming entities consist of wheat, canola, sorghums and cattle.  In the Fall and Winter you will see thousands of cattle grazing on the wheat pasture.


Cherokee Strip

Kiowa was one of the starting points of the land rush into Oklahoma in 1893 known as The Cherokee Strip Land Run.  Thousands of people gathered up and down the state line in hopes of staking a claim on free land in the strip.


Carry Nation

Kiowa is the town that Carry Nation began her crusade against alcohol establishments.  She destroyed several saloons with her hatchet and rocks in several different states.  The first saloon that she attacked was in Kiowa, Kansas, just across the street from The First State Bank.